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Tom Gibney
Giving New York a peek into the future of magic.
Tom Gibney

 "He is the one to have your eye on. A new chapter of unimaginable magic in the making."

- Renee Y.

Tom is an award-winning magician based in New York.

The best magicians of our time have personally mentored Tom since he started studying magic ten years ago. He has reformed the secrets shared with him to fool industry legends and earn awards for his sleight of hand and theatrical artistry. Some of the leading innovators in magic have brought him on to work behind the scenes on their projects. Most recently, he consulted Off-Broadway for

David Blaine Presents: Asi Wind's Inner Circle. Tom now adapts his magic to suit private parties and corporate events in New York.

Tom works to make his magic unforgettable and uses psychological tools to attach that memorability to your event. Tom strives to leave the impression that "today was special" with each and every guest. The average person meets one magician in their lifetime, Tom will make sure they leave with a good story.

"Tom captivated us and our guests with his magic and conversation, and left all of us wondering how he read and deceived our minds all at once!  Highly recommend for any gathering."


President & CEO, Charter Communications

Magic Services

Close-Up Show

Seeing magic on video, television, or from twenty feet away is one thing, but I specialize in magic that occurs just a few feet––and sometimes inches––from your eyes.

We'll find a table and some chairs, and I'll show you the tricks and routines that have brought me into coveted inner circles in the magic underground. I will share stories and pieces of magic that have never been put on film; techniques passed down between conjurers in the spirit of trust.

While I'll have an idea of what I'd like to show, if you're curious about something, ask! You get to customize your show in real time.

close up magic show

"Our guests enjoyed every minute of your performance. The card tricks amazed us, and we speculated all evening on how you managed to fool everyone."

- Ellen L.

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Walk-Around Magic

With many guests meeting for the first time, the cocktail hour is a great way to get a flow to the party. Let me stroll around the venue, finding where my expertise could boost the energy. That could mean using magic to enrich conversations, sitting down with a group that's called me over, or sometimes gathering crowds of strangers, giving them a unifying event of astonishment and laughter. New friends are made, and everyone has something to talk about.

"You had everyone at the party spellbound with your magic.  For a person your age, you held the adult audience in your hand, mystifying them with every turn of the card.  I will definitely recommend your act to my friends and organizations that need an entertainer."

- Charles B.

Stand-Up Show

The Stand-Up Show is built to give your guests a unifying experience to capitalize on the memorability of your event. 

The show fills a room whether people are inches away or in the back row. I will use your guests to create moments that previous clients raved about for months afterward.


Customizable in length, the show incorporates mentalism, sleight of hand, and psychology to make your event stand out in the memories of everyone in attendance.


"Even if I tried I don't think I could ever forget that experience. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making me believe in magic again." 

- Aofie H.

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